Call Centre

Our call centre acts as our certified first responder to all Insulated Structures refrigeration equipment and/or installations.

Commercial Refrigeration Contractors

Assistance Is Just A Phone Call Away

Being in an industry that never sleeps, it’s our duty to ensure our customers produce stays fresh 24/7. We acknowledge, as commercial refrigeration contractors that the effectiveness of our refrigeration products and/or services is reliant on our ability to make ourselves available when it counts.

Over and above the call centre’s mandate to customer service, it also acts as the intermediary between store-owners, technicians and project managers. This central hub brings head office closer to its valued customers, staff and affiliated service providers.

Our Call Centre Promises:
  • Lightning fast response to on-site breakdowns throughout our service network.
  • Agile maintenance scheduling between store-owners and qualified technicians.
  • Open communication between customer, project manager as well as head office.
  • Facilitation of warranty repairs and/or any queries regarding service level agreements.
  • Comprehensive after-hour support with technicians on call 24/7.
Time Is Our First Priority

We take great pride in the continued efficiency of our products and/or services in-store. However, if a customer experiences any issue that potentially warrants a call-out. We encourage them to engage with our call centre immediately.

Provided the product in question is still under warranty or an extended service-level agreement is in place, we are mandated to get our technicians in-store as timeously as possible.

Enhanced By Technology

We have adopted a completely paperless system and load automated job cards for production purposes. In addition to this we can also instantly assign job cards to one of our 7 major service hubs country-wide.

Newer refrigeration systems come integrated with software that can override controllers remotely. This gives us accurate readings and live reporting. In some cases, we pick up and resolve problems before a store-owner is even aware of the issue.