MiniPlex Refrigeration

A smaller capacity system in comparison to the MultiPlex direct expansion system, suitable for smaller format stores.

The MiniPlex Design

The system is a smaller format of the Multiplex direct expansion system. It works on five evaporators with a single compressor and has proven to yield up to 25% more in energy saving’s versus other conventional systems. The MiniPlex system sets its focus on high energy efficiency, low running costs and low environmental impact, in order to achieve the maximum levels of energy classification.

Why MiniPlex?

Easy Setup

Start-up wizard & presets make for extremely fast commissioning.


Ideal for the management of small shops (such as convenience stores).

Energy Efficient

Real time data with electronic expansion valves ensure high energy efficiency.

Smart Software

Compressor software allows for optimal oil management for each evaporator.

Less Temp. Fluctuation

MXPRO controllers minimise fluctuations in temp. to connected display cabinets.

Temperature Stability

Excellent temperature stability through the variable speed of the compressor.