Refrigeration Systems

Providing energy efficient refrigeration solutions that are not only reliable but also drastically reduce your consumption bill.

A Little Consideration Makes All The Difference

Perishable food items are extremely sensitive to even the slightest variation in temperature. Store owners also face the dilemma of how to best display these fresh food items to their valued customers.

The typical energy consumption required for a store owner to successfully run their refrigeration systems can reach in excess of 50% of their total energy consumption bill. As the refrigeration experts, our sole responsibility is to provide the best possible solutions for store owners that can reduce these costs while also meeting their immediate needs. No matter what the scale of the project, the technology and equipment we implement has been carefully considered, designed and customised to fit the layout of a store and its surrounding restrictions.

Our Refrigeration Systems


MultiPlex Refrigeration

The most commonly used refrigeration system for supermarket’s today is the MultiPlex direct expansion system.


MiniPlex Refrigeration

A smaller format of the Multiplex direct expansion system. It works on five evaporators with a single compressor.


Aqua Loop System

Our high-efficiency solution for managing display cabinets. It replaces the traditional layout of compressor racks, etc.