What Are Polyurethane Insulation Panels?

Used in the construction of fully refrigerated rooms. Panels are well insulated to protect perishable & temperature-sensitive goods.
Cold Room for Commercial Refrigeration

Polyurethane Insulation Panels

Commercial refrigeration technology comes in all shapes, sizes and designs to suit a number of industry needs. Polyurethane insulation panels are used in commercial refrigeration solutions to give a large room the ability to stay fully refrigerated and insulated, protecting perishable and temperature-sensitive goods. Insulated Structures provides its clients with custom cold room and freezer room solutions so that they can run their businesses more efficiently, quickly and cost effectively.

How Our Polyurethane Insulated Rooms Are Designed

The polyurethane insulated room is made up of sealed that are pieced together and sealed to create and insulated room that is ideal for large scale refrigeration. All the panels we use are totally sealed with high impact interlocking PVC profiles, which serve as permanent vapour barriers that lock in cool air.

The door to your cold room will sport a profile of thick PVC reinforced with aluminium corners that house anti-sweat heaters – this feature allows quick and easy access to the heaters for replacement and maintenance purposes.

An Insulated Structures polyurethane insulated room is designed simply and effectively from high quality materials, in order to give our clients and easy-to-install commercial refrigeration solution. A meat rail system is included and bolts together as a kit; all rails are adjustable and galvanised.

The Panels Of The Polyurethane Insulated Room

Our standard panels come with an outer skin of ‘Chromadek’, which is a galvanised steel coated with a SABS-approved silicon polyester finish that provides added durability and reduces heat transfer into the cold room.

Polyurethane insulation is injected into the panels for superior adhesion, whilst high impact PVC interlock profiles totally seal all panel edges for perfect insulation. The panels are easily erected and dismantled thanks to their simplistic design and are all protected by a strippable plastic to avoid scratches.

The Floors Of The Polyurethane Insulated Room

Our prefabricated floors are reinforced with marine plywood to offer added protection against moisture. The flooring comes in three finishing options:

  • 2mm Aluminium chequer plate.
  • 3mm steel chequer plate for light wheeled traffic.
  • 0.5mm Galvanised sheet.

Our concrete floors allow for flush entry into your cold room or freezer room. A 160mm to 170mm recess is required for a foam slab insulation and concrete installation. Further, a vapour barrier is created by laying 200 to 400-micron plastic sheets over floors with overlapping joints.

The Benefits Of The Polyurethane Insulated Room

Compared to standard refrigeration apparatus, a cold room offers a number of benefits to the commercial refrigeration market. For starters, your polyurethane insulated room can be built to meet the specific needs of your establishment, which keeps costs down in the long term. Cold rooms are intended for larger scale commercial refrigeration, making them a great choice for restaurants, butcheries and the like wherein large mounts of fresh and perishable produce is kept. Additionally, a polyurethane insulated room is much more convenient for employees to navigate, as they are designed to minimise the intake of heat and moisture regardless of frequent opening.

Insulated Structures are proud manufacturers of high-quality commercial refrigeration solutions. To enquire about any of our refrigeration services, you can contact us today! Stay tuned to our blog page for more interesting articles, tips and tricks about the world of commercial refrigeration from Insulated Structures.