FrigAir Expo 2018 – Retail Africa Review

The first stand to jump out is none other than Insulated Structures with an impressive & inviting stand.
Insulated Structures Stand - Frigair 2018

FrigAir Expo 2018

Frigair 2018 and the first stand to jump out is none other than Insulated Structures with an impressive and inviting stand.

On closer inspection, its not only the stand that’s impressive as they showcase their new energy saving Aqualoop technology, as well as their “close the case” glass doors.

Aqua Loop System

Insulated Structures with its preferred technology partners presents the “Slim Line Aqua Loop System” a reliable and cost-effective solution for your energy reduction objectives in retail.

  • Capital efficiency where higher cabinet cost offsets against lower plant costs for small to medium sized stores.
  • Installation efficiency due to simplicity of water loop.
  • Easy layout change with simple disconnection of water pipes from refrigerated cabinets.
  • Wider sales area as there is no need for a plant room.
  • High investment recovery in case of store relocation.
  • Gas leak reduction due to lower system charge and isolation.
  • Constant product temperature.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Saving of up to 25% compared to traditional system.
  • Reliability increase for factory assembled unit.
  • Limited damages in case of failures.
  • Easy adaptation to every climate.
  • Critical components fully contained within cabinet (no plant room required).
Close The Case Glass Doors

With energy costs rising and food retailers looking to improve the shopping environment for customers, Insulated Structures has developed an effective solution to reduce the cost of in-store refrigeration while enhancing the customer experience.

Insulated Structures doors are easy to retrofit on in-store cabinets to reduce the energy required to keep chilled foods at the correct temperature.

Meanwhile, customers are able to clearly see and access the products on offer. Reduced energy requirements means smaller refrigeration plant selection for new stores/ these savings will offset the cost of the doors. Up to 40% reduction in refrigeration requirement has been achieved.

  • Optimal product temperature.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Extended product shelf life.
  • Up to 40% energy saving.
  • Double-glazed argon filled void for better insulation.
  • Solution for new cabinets or retro-fitted on existing cabinets.
  • Doors are spring loaded.
  • Less cold air spillage (warmer aisles).