Reliable, cost-effective & energy-saving refrigeration solutions for all your supermarket needs
Insulated Structures

How Can We Assist?

CGIS Refrigeration Group specialises in full turnkey refrigeration installations all over the African continent. We offer a turnkey solution to supermarkets and users of walk in Cold rooms and freezer rooms by designing & installing state-of-the-art energy efficient refrigeration equipment.

Our experienced team manage the process from the sale through manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

The result is reduced running costs, improved product shelf life, which leads to a superior shopping experience for the shopper

CGIS Refrigeration Group
  • Remote cabinets for the supermarket industry.
  • Polyurethane insulated panels for cold or freezer rooms.
  • Refrigeration systems designed to meet your specifications, with modern energy saving solutions.
  • 24 hour call centre with optional system monitoring.