Commercial Refrigeration Tips

Efficient & fully functional commercial refrigerators are the key to consistent service & success for retailers.
Common Cold Room Mistakes

Commercial Refrigerators

As we have reiterated on numerous occasions, efficient and fully functional commercial refrigerators are the key to consistent service and success for retailers, restaurants and many other businesses. This is not as simple as just plugging your fridges in, stocking them up and letting them run. We have compiled these helpful commercial refrigerator tips to make sure your business is always running smoothly.

Regular Maintenance

It’s important to ensure that the cooling equipment and storage is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. This not only serves to ensure that the equipment functions at the best possible efficiency, but also reduces the chance of breakdowns and insufficient cooling. Misaligned doors and worn gaskets can result in cool air leaking out of the refrigerator. Damaged strip curtains and malfunctioning door closers will also waste energy. To tell if a seal is losing air: hold up a thin piece of paper next to the closed refrigerator door. If it flutters, it’s time to replace the seal. Also, evaporators and condenser coils get dirty over time. Without proper care, they’ll block airflow, which drags efficiency down.

Make Room For Circulation

Make sure that there is optimum airflow through the storage area for cold air to circulate. Heat builds up in tight spaces, so location is key for your refrigeration units. They’ll work harder to cool properly, driving up energy costs. Make sure there’s adequate space around the fridges and freezers, and avoid putting them too close to cooking equipment, and leave space between items so the cold air in your commercial fridge and freezer is able to circulate.

Check The Charge

If refrigeration units don’t have enough refrigerant charge, it strains the compressor. Take a look at the sight glass on the condenser that shows the refrigerant level. If the system is running and you see visible bubbles, it’s a sign the refrigerant needs to be recharged. Call us to find an experienced commercial refrigerator technician to get the job done.

Switch To LED Lighting

Some of the most energy efficient products on the market are LED bulbs and fixtures. This is especially true when it comes to reducing energy usage in refrigeration units. They operate well in cold environments and give off less heat than other lighting options. Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment.

Cover Display Cases

Open-case refrigerated displays should be covered when not in use. They’re a great way to showcase food options, but they drain energy fast. Adding night covers keeps the cold air contained, which means the case doesn’t have to run at full capacity when the establishment is closed.

Organise Your Space

Always store your meat on the lowest shelves of your appliance. Store delicate produce away from fans. Label everything because labeling allows everyone to see your system and therefore find things quickly and easily, keeping everything a whole lot cooler. Dis-organisation in your fridge and freezer makes these units and the people who use them work harder.

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