Energy Saving

We have various energy saving refrigeration solutions available, dependent on the application & store size.

Ways To Save

For retailers, the refrigerated sections of their store are notoriously the biggest trouble zones for energy conservation. We have developed tried & tested solutions that maximize efficiency in these areas .

Close The Case - Retrofit Glass Doors

Closing The Case

Installing retrofit glass doors to refrigerated cabinets or adding lids to open island freezers can save you up to 40% more energy. This also boosts compressor performance as it assists in maintaining a more even temperature range with less fluctuations.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Extended Product Shelf Life
  • Double Glazed Argon Filled Void for Better Insulation
  • Optimal Product Temperature
  • Glass Doors have Optional Mullion Lights
  • Solution for New Cabinets or Retro Fitted on Existing Cabinets
  • Less Cold Air Spillage – Warmer aisles
Hot Water Recovery In The Plantroom

Energy Saving Refrigeration

We have various energy saving refrigeration solutions for our customers that are dependent on the application and store size.  We can assist with the installation of the below systems:

A hot water recovery system can also be installed alongside the above refrigeration systems, earning you hot water from energy recovered (A great saving on geyser running costs).

Hot Water Recovery In The Plantroom